Rihanna is #1 Google’s Top Five Most Popular Female Artists

Google’s Top Five Most Popular Female Artists:

#1 Rihanna
#2 Britney Spears
#3 Lady Gaga
#4 Beyonce
#5 Shakira

Another day another record.. Congrats Ri!

Google’s Top Five Most Popular Female Artists

The below graphic displays Google’s Top 5 most searched female artists spanning the time period of a little over 9 years. These women have taken the world by storm with their smash singles, batty antics (both on and off stage), outlandish fashion, and controversial music videos. When we look back at pop culture during this time period these will be the women who will be remembered for having left their mark as true superstars in every aspect of the term.

Why the Data Is Important

Since 2004 Google has openly revealed specific detailed data for web searches performed by its users. As the world’s most popular search engine, Google receives approximately five billion searches a day making its data the most reliable display of popularity on the web. The web, of course, has became the world’s primary source of information retrieval over the last decade. This data represents our interests, as a generation, more accurately than any other source could hope to compile.

In regards to the subject of females in music this can help paint a better picture of who is truly capturing the attention of music listeners and pop cultural enthusiasts. Magazine editors, radio jockeys, and the news tell the public who they want to see, but on the internet it is all up to the consumer to find their content. Another aspect to consider is the music industry crash ironically beginning to take its most devastating toll near the start of this period. People haven’t stopped listening to music, but have instead opted to online service such as streaming (YouTube) and illegal file-sharing.

How to Read the Data

When referring to the graphic found above, first look at the line graph at the right. This represents search interest at any given moment since 2004 for these five subjects. You can determine the color line of each subject by noticing the color found next to the name underneath the graph. The scale of the graph is proportionate to the peak interest point of the highest subject. In other words, “100” represents the most searched moment during this time period. A number such as “40”, therefore, represents 40% of that interest at a specific point for that subject. Note: the actual given values do not represent the number of searches.

The most important part of the data, at least in relation to this article, is actually found at the bottom of the graphic however. These five women were displayed because they had the five highest average search interests since 2004. Women who debuted after the starting period essentially received scores of “0” for the months of inactivity counted toward their average, which makes these standings even more impressive

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