Claude Kelly (Producer/Singer) Talks Rihanna’s New Album Material

Another day another producer revealed, singer/songwriter Claude Kelly talks to Kempire Radio about Rihanna‘s new album project that will feature a new stadium sound rather than traditional radio friendly material.

“Rihanna’s a worldwide superstar at this point and she’s performing in stadiums and arenas now, so I wanted songs that reflected her audience,” revealed Kelly. “When I was in London she was performing at a festival in front of like I’m guessing like 30,000 – 40,000 people so I saw that sea of people sing along to a song, so I wanted songs that could do that. So I didn’t want small songs that only worked on radio, so I tried to do anthemic big stadium themed songs. She’s got a navy behind her so you gotta support the navy.”

He confirms working with Rihanna on the project in London and that Sia, David Guetta, Harmony and Stargate have all delivered their contributions to the project. Producer Sean Garrett confirmed previously that the album would be a “mish-mash of genres”.


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