Katy Perry Talks About “Battleship” Movie and Singing ‘We Found Love’

Earlier this month, Rihanna showed off some impressive tats (and an even more impressive machine gun) on a brand-new poster for the upcoming not-entirely-based-on-a-board-game-mostly-because-they’ve-added-aliens likely blockbuster “Battleship”, and with it, basically claimed the badass pop-chick crown all for herself.

At least until Wednesday, when Katy Perry unveiled her “Part of Me” video, in which she goes through boot camp and gets down and dirty (and we mean actually down and dirty, like, in the mud and everything) with actual Marines at Camp Pendleton. And just like that, she served notice that RiRi wasn’t the only badass on the block.

But which of the two besties is actually the baddest? Does Rihanna’s Naval training top Katy’s Marine Corps skills? We asked Katy to settle the dispute once and for all. Though, to be fair, she mostly just wanted to talk about aliens.

“I don’t even think [Rihanna] knows that I have a service-based video,” she said. “I saw a little clip of her in the [‘Battleship’] trailer — I’m very excited for that film, especially because there’s aliens in it now. It’s not, you know, ‘Battleship, your move, bro,’ it’s like aliens. I love aliens.

“She’s an amazing actress, I think the ‘We Found Love’ video is so on point, especially how it’s delivered,” Perry continued. “Even though it’s controversial, it is exactly a moment in that person’s life, and it’s delivered so well. And you have to be a natural actress to be able to do that so I give her props.”

Watch Katy singing LIL BIT of We Found Love!

OK, we suspect she’s just being polite, which is why we asked her once again about battling it out with the Bajan beauty. And let’s just say Katy likes her chances.

“Concerning a throwdown, I don’t know. … She’s super ‘hood, but the thing about me is that people don’t expect me to be super hood,” Perry laughed. “But I just did ‘N-words in Paris’ on the BBC Live Lounge, and they didn’t expect that either, so, you know, I can ball so hard.”

So, who’s the baddest of them all? Turns out we’ll probably never know.

“I don’t think we would ever fight,” Perry smiled. “We’d only love.”

Copyright : MTV.com

Aww Katy’s so sweet! #NavyCats

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