Rihanna: “Women Dominate The Music Charts Because We’re Competitive Beings”

The ‘Talk That Talk’ singer claims women have bigger egos than men but can hide it a lot better.Rihanna says the reason women are dominating the music charts at the minute is because of how competitive they are about their careers.

The ‘We Found Love’ singer admits she gets competitive about her place in the industry, and believes that is why artist like herself, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Adele are enjoying such success recently. 

“There will always be a competition,” Rihanna told host Jonathan Ross. “That is why I feel like women are becoming so dominant in music right now because we are very competitive beings and we cannot stand to see another woman do better than us. That bothers us a lot.” 

“As much as guys have egos, our egos are a little bigger, we are just a lot better at hiding them.” 

Rihanna explained that despite her competitiveness about her career she still finds it “surreal” to count herself in the same category as artists like Beyonce.

“To be in the charts with Beyonce and Mariah Carey and all these artist who have been around for so long and you look up to them that really is overwhelming and surreal,” she added.

The ‘You Da One’ singer has also revealed plans to focus on starting her film career rather than released new music this year.

Rihanna’s full interview on The Jonathan Ross Show airs in ITV1 tomorrow (3rd March) at 9.20pm.


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