“Battleship” movie presentation in Paris and more info about Raikes (Rihanna)

Our pal Elias from RebelleRihanna went to french presentation of Battleship movie this week. The special guest was Peter Berg – the movie director himself.

Elias shared:

“Peter Berg presented us the main actors – Alexander Skarsgard, Taylor Kitsch, Brooklyn Decker and of course Rihanna. He said about her: “She’s a really great actress. I really wanted to cast new actors, someone who is not a big movie star, at least not yet. When Rihanna joined the cast she was really excited about her character and her talent did the rest. I think Musicians are great actors. She definitely can act! She surprised me.”“

Rihanna’s role in the movie is not really glamorous, she has nothing in common with another female character played by Decker. It’s really opposite from the normal Rihanna. But acting came out very easy for her.

Berg said he didn’t want to make another movie about war between humans because he wanted to make it darker – that’s why he’s decided to add aliens.

Mr. Berg also presented some parts of the movie and discussed each of them. At one point he showed a scene featuring Rihanna (“What the Hell is that” scene).

“Raikes is some of a badass I can tell you. Then he said that he wanted to add some humour to his movie, some fun moments. Rihanna definitely got one in the next scene making a joke when everyone in the ship were worried. Even if Rihanna plays a second role in the movie, it is a major role in the fight against aliens. This scene wasn’t even edited yet and it already looked awesome.”

– said RebelleRihanna admin.

Source and Rihannadaily

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