Rihanna Announces Red-Hot New Fragrance: REBELLE

Those who couldn’t get enough of Rihanna’s wicked hot fragrance, Reb’l Fleur, last year will now have another option to mull over as the Barbadian pop queen has announced its sequel (perfumes can have sequels right?).Fittingly dubbed Rebelle, which is a nickname RiRi got from her grandmother, the scent is a partnership with smell-good icons Parlux Fragrances and will surely attract the attention of many men … and maybe some women.

“Wore the sample last night and all the fly girls wanted some,” the pop singer tweeted this summer. “My new fragrance is about taking control but still being a lady. There’s a feminine romantic element to the fragrance – but there’s also a defiant quality in it,” Rihanna explains in a press release for the product.

The marketing campaign accompanying the fragrance is being shot by Rihanna’s go-to music video director, Anthony Mandler, who has shot a hefty 16 music videos with the star and has also worked with Jay-Z, The Killers and Drake. So (hopefully) we can expect to see Rihanna continue her trend of being scantily clad and stealing hearts.

The scent will come in the same flacon shape as before – inspired by stiletto heels – with a distinguishing crimson red ribbon design wrapping it to highlight the spices found within. While we can’t supply a scratch-and-sniff, we can detail some of the ingredients found in the concoction: plum, strawberry, ginger, vanilla orchid, cocoa absolute, and even a trail of musk, coffee, patchouli and amber (okay those last bits sounds like the description of what a hippie smells like, but we still have faith).

Pretty sure Rihanna could bottle her own sweat and still make plenty of sales, so expect Rebelle by Rihanna to fly off shelves when it hits department stores in spring 2012.


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