Princess Of China (ft Rihanna) is the next Coldplay single fro Mylo Xyloto

According to Billboard magazine, Princess Of China is the next Coldplay single and it will be officially released on October 25th.Coldplay’s just-released video for “Paradise,” the second single off “Mylo Xyloto,” is a pachyderm-filled romp involving a fugitive elephant on a worldwide quest to form a like-species rock band. We guess.

Let’s see, it starts with “Chris Martin” busting out of a London zoo and stowing away on a flight to South Africa. There, the ambitious elephant gets himself a unicycle and rides out to find three bros already practicing some deep cuts. “Chris” takes over lead vox and following a brief rehearsal process, the pachy-band are then transformed to a packed arena where they perform for an adoring crowd.

It’s unclear whether that’s really Martin and his bandmates in the furry suits during the Africa scenes, but it’s safe to assume that’s them during the live set. And that unicycling elephant who takes his head off on a unicyle? That sure looks like Martin (see photo).

It’s light, it’s silly, it’s cinematic and it comes the same week their intense collaboration with Rihanna, “Princess of China,” was leaked on the web. That song will be released as a single on Oct. 25. “Paradise” and “Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall,” the album’s first two singles, have sold a combined 1.14 million copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Aside from all the song releases and leaks, Coldplay will also be busy on the TV circuit. They’ll appear on “The Colbert Report” on Thursday, “The Today Show” on Friday and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Oct. 27. On Nov. 12, they’ll return to “Saturday Night Live.”

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