Pop Crush’s Sexiest Magazine Covers (Ladies Edition, Include Rihanna’s GQ)

When pop starlets appear on magazine covers, it’s usually in varying states of undress. But regardless of how clothed the ladies are or aren’t, these are the sexy magazine covers that always manage to be snagged from doctor’s offices. We noticed that many of these scorchers came out in colder months; we don’t think that was an accident. So we thought long and hard and came up with the sexiest pop star magazine covers (ladies edition), which includes Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera and more.

#1 Janet Jackson, Rolling Stone 10/1993
Long before Nipplegate during ths Super Bowl Half Time show with Justin Timberlake, the lovely Janet Jackson had a thing for showing off the “twins.” Her September 1993 Rolling Stone cover is iconic for its striking and surprisingly tasteful image of the jeans-wearing singer with her hands above her head and her breasts cupped by Rene Elizondo, who happened to be the husband she told no one she was married to. It’s the oldest cover in our list, but that’s because it’s a classic and set the standard for so many covers that came after it. Almost 20 years later, it’s still a stunner and the one Janet — Miss Jackson if you’re nasty — will always be remembered for.

#2 Lady Gaga, Rolling Stone 7/2010
No one pushes the boundaries of art and fashion like Gaga and that’s why we love her July 2011 Rolling Stone Cover — which was her second, after the equally stunning bubble dress cover — where she wears a machine gun bra. With her severe blunt bob and red lips, and not to mention that bounce-a-quarter-off-it rump, Gaga is fierce and fearless, and not to mention sexy as hell, even with the butt floss bottoms.

#3 Rihanna, GQ 1/2010
We always knew Rihanna was a good girl gone bad. On her January 2010 GQ cover, the ‘Umbrella’ singer rocked a sexy pixie cut, strategically placed arms and wearing nothing else but a pair of jean shorts. Very short shorts is a look she reprised on her 2011 Rolling Stone cover, and while RiRi isn’t afraid to show some skin, she truly sets hearts aflutter with that stare.

#4 Christina Aguilera, Maxim 1/2003
My, how Xtina has cleaned up. She certainly heated up the winter of 2003 with her Maxim cover from the ‘Stripped’ and ‘Dirty’ days. Back then, Aguilera was bragging about her piercings, wearing a–less leather chaps and tarting it up with a ghetto fab look. It’s a far cry from the old Hollywood glam style that has become her signature, but you can’t deny she doesn’t look like some mythic hybrid sexy jungle mermaid creature.

#5 Britney Spears, 11/2003
Brit Brit makes a second appearance in this list because she’s Brit. Her covers are always blazing hot. Her November 2003 Esquire cover shows her recreating a classic and iconic Angie Dickinson shot, and we see Brit in a totally different light: as a leggy lady. With this image, gone is the somewhat trashy, total jailbait look, exchanged for a grown up, womanly strut. Here, Brit was longer a girl, and was quite the woman. It’s a rare shot where sexy and classy meshed perfectly.

#6 Jennifer Lopez, Rolling Stone 2/2001
J. Lo’s famous curves take center stage in her February 2001 Rolling Stone cover. 2001 was the year of the J. Lo, when she had a film and movie debut at No. 1 in the same week. Wielding a sword and a metal bikini that looks like a cross between what Princess Leia wore when she was held captive by Jabba the Hut in ‘Return of the Jedi’ and the attire of a female soldier from ‘300,” J. Lo was our warrior princess, if only for a moment in time.

#7 Beyoncé, Giant 12/2008 – 1/2009
Of all the ladies on this list, Beyonce is the most clothed. But it’s not always what you take off that makes you sexy. With her ankle booties, fishnets and that undeniably gorgeous face, don’t you want to climb into that cozy and comfy bubble chair with her? Sometimes it’s what you don’t show that make you mysterious and the Queen B has enraptured us with her appealing mystique.

#8 Avril Lavigne, Maxim 3/2008
Avril Lavigne is a punk rock queen, with an edge. There’s not much soft about her, except maybe her features. Whether she’s wearing a hoodie or a Vera Wang wedding gown, there’s no denying Av’s natural beauty and great hair. This Maxim cover features the singer wrapped in a slinky pinked ruffled top, panties and nothing else. The come hither stare makes us appreciate the all grown-up Avril.

#9 Katy Perry, Rolling Stone 8/2010
While Katy Perry has made a name for herself with her fruit dresses and lots of spandex, her August 2010 Rolling Stone cover was demure and understated, even if it does look like the photographer walked into Perry’s bedroom while she was getting dressed or after someone just left her bedroom and embarked on the walk of shame. Her pale pink undies further enhance her statuesque curves and this cover image could set off a ‘Firework,’ for sure.

#10 Britney Spears, Rolling Stone 10/2003
With her body hugging, crisp white boy shorts and eyebrow grazing bangs, a topless Brit Brit is not quite a girl, not quite a woman on this 2003 Rolling Stone cover. She looks like the co-ed across the hall, instead of a pop star at the height of her fame. Yes, it’s a bit jail bait style, but that’s the image the singer put forth from the get-go. No wonder Madonna made out with her at the VMAs.

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