Producer Kuk Harrell talks about Rihanna’s upcoming sixth studio album ‘Talk That Talk’ chatted with producer Kuk Harrell about Rihanna’s upcoming sixth studio album, ‘Talk That Talk,’ which comes out Nov. 21!
Rihanna was just named sexiest woman, but is she also the music industries’ hardest working woman? According to her vocal producer Kuk Harrell, who is currently on tour with her in Europe, the answer is YES!

Kuk, who co-wrote Rihanna’s hit song “Umbrella” tells in an exclusive interview, “In addition to touring, we are recording Rihanna’s new album. We have a portable studio that we set up at the different hotels that we are staying at. We set up shop anywhere in the hotel. Rihanna is an amazing talent. She’s smart. She’s so on point. She knows great songs and most importantly she knows what’s a great song for her!”

He adds, “Before we went on the European leg of Rihanna’s Loud tour, we started recording the album in Los Angeles. Rihanna likes to work late hours, so she would come into the studio at 9:00 p.m. and work until 6:00 a.m.”

Now that’s dedication!

Kuk says, “If I could produce Rihanna singing a duet with anyone it would be with Justin Bieber. That would be a blast. It would be so much fun because both of them are such great personalities.”

Rihanna’s sixth album titles Talk That Talk is due on Nov. 21, 2011. Are YOU excited to hear it?

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