Rihanna rides the Subway with fans to London O2 Arena! So humble & normal.

She is a millionairess at the tender age of 23. But popstar Rihanna is clearly not your average spoilt celebrity.

Clearly keen to experience all the highs – and lows of London – the bold singer took to the London Underground to travel along with her fans to her concert at the O2 Arena.

She happily posed for pictures as she rode the Jubilee line and incredulous fans posted them on social networking site Twitter last night.

One fan en route to the show, Giselle Green told Mail Online: ‘I was in Rihanna’s carriage on the Jubilee line.

‘I didn’t really twig at first because you wouldn’t expect to see a superstar travelling so casually on the tube. And she was due on stage in a couple of hours! But then me and my friend realised it WAS her.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2045959/Rihanna-travels-London-O2-arena-gig-tube-fans.html#ixzz1a3r7X8Fe

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