Review of Coldplay and Rihanna’s “Princess of China” listened to Coldplay’s “Princess of China” feat. Rihanna and said:

“Among the remaining tracks, the one I was looking forward to most was the highly anticipated Rihanna-guesting “Princess of China.” Despite all the fretting/assumptions about it, I feel it is truly a standout track, the centerpiece of the album. This is probably the only other place on Mylo Xyloto where any sort of hip-hop influences emerge, but it’s done in an even more subtle way than “Paradise.”
Rihanna sounds totally different here, unlike anything she’s done, and the combination of her voice with Martin’s is surprising in the best way possible. I think the feeling was mutual around the room; people applauded “Princess of China” more than any other track and none of these dedicated fans seemed put off by Rihanna’s presence – in fact, it was the opposite. This is still a Coldplay song, and Rihanna’s contribution is one that adds not only to the track, but to Mylo Xyloto as a whole. I can’t wait to hear it again.”

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