Nicola Roberts Talks About Rihanna & Beyoncé

Who are your fashion inspirations?

Rihanna. Even the bloody swimming costumes she wears. She can do anything. Gaga is too much for me though. I’m a girlie girl. Rihanna’s perfect in every way. She’s not afraid with her style and she looks comfortable in everything. I’ve got a major girl crush on her.

Which celebrity body do you admire?

Abbey Clancy has a killer body. Rihanna has an amazing body – see I can’t stop thinking about her.

Any other obsessions?
Beyonce. I’m overly obsessed with Beyonce. I feel like she’s taught me how to become a woman through my life. I feel like I’m in the transition period to becoming a woman. I was the youngest in the band and I’m 25 now. When I have a decision to make I say: “What would Beyonce do.” I’m not even joking. Beyonce is a joke – she’s so incredible in every way. Every day when I’m doing my vocal exercises I say to myself ‘Beyonce wasn’t built in a day’. She’s very inspirational.

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