Avril Lavigne to Appear in Rihanna’s New Video Cheers?

Rihanna’s video for her new single “Cheers” is scheduled to premiere on iTunes at some point in the next few days — she tweeted that it may delayed because of the earthquake that hit the East Coast on Tuesday.  But when it does finally hit, fans may see a familiar face in the clip:  Avril LaVigne.  A source close to Avril tells ABC News Radio that Avril did film a cameo for the clip — whether it made the final cut is not certain.As to why Avril would be in a Rihanna video in the first place, it’s because “Cheers” heavily samples Avril’s song “I’m With You” — the female voice singing “yeah-yeah” in the chorus is Avril’s.  Avril told ABC News Radio last year that she thought it was “awesome” that Rihanna had sampled the track, adding, “She is a really great singer.  I think she’s really talented and I love all of her songs, and it’s really cool.”

Copyright 2011 ABC News Radio



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