Update : List Country Reb’l Fleur – Rihanna Is Available In

We get a lot of questions regarding when Reb’l Fleur will be released in their country, so this post is so we can touch base on release announcements. You guys should also follow @PerfumesByRiri. They can confirm which countries Reb’l Fleur is available in, but they don’t get update launches until the 25-30 of ea. month. But so far, this is what I can confirm for you guys:

Australia – Yes
Austria – Yes
Brazil – Not Yet
Canada – Yes (Shoppers Drug Mart)
Columbia – September
Costa Rica – July/August
Denmark – Yes
Dominican Republic – July/August
Ecuador – July/August
El Salvador – July/August
Finland – Yes
France – Not Yet
Germany – Yes
Guatemala – July/August
Holland – Yes (at Douglas)
Honduras – July/August
Indonesia – Yes
Ireland – Yes (heard only unicare pharmacy has it)
Israel – July/August
Italy – Not Yet
Japan -Yes
Malaysia – May (haven’t heard any confirmation yet though)
Netherlands – Yes
Nicaragua – July/August
Norway – Yes
Panama – July/August
Peru – July/August
Philippines – Yes
Romania – Not yet
Singapore – Yes
South Africa – Yes (at Edgars)
Spain – Not yet
Sweden – Sept/Oct
Taiwan – Yes
Thailand – Yes
Turkey – Yes
UK – August (although available on Amazon)
Venezuela – Not yet

Please get in touch with your local major department stores for prices as it may vary. If you can confirm Reb’l Fleur is available in your country let us know!

This article source : http://www.fuckyeahrihanna.com

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