Rihanna’s LOUD Tour Stylist Talk About Her Style In V Magazine

Rihanna is not shy when it comes to fashion. She has worn one-legged unitards, inflatable blouses, harnesses, spikes, corsets trimmed with Christmas tree lights and couture dresses that look like Venetian blinds. So, when it came to her looks for her recent tour (appropriately called the Loud Tour), she was going to bring out the sartorial big guns.
According to her tour stylist, V and VMan favorite Mel Ottenberg, the solution was to bring out a laundry list of references: “Fiorucci girls, Helmut Newton’s Le Smoking, girls who wear hotpants on the beach, Jeremy Scott’s gold collections in the 1990’s and so on,” he explains.

His description of Rihanna’s style? “Colorful fun sexy glamorama.” And his description of the musical artist herself? “Total goddess. She’s so bad ass and has a hysterical sense of humor. She rules.” Her onstage looks ruled too, if we may be so bold.

That’s why we asked Ottenberg to give us the complete credits of her onstage apparel. The most memorable look according to Mel: “The Swarovski-encrusted bikini designed by Adam Selman and hand-painted by Tom Binns. It’s my all-time favorite.”


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