Ke$ha : @Rihanna is an inspiration, Second Album.

I could write a f***ing book. My next album will be different from the first record, which I did when I was really broke and living in my car for a time.

Ke$ha credits chum Rihanna, 23, as an inspiration. She added: “Rihanna is the best – so sweet and beautiful with such a great voice. She puts on such a wild show. She’s fantastic.”

“When I went out on the road with her that was my first time touring arenas. I’m just glad I have any fans. Playing to any number of people is awesome.”“Things have definitely changed for me since then, so it won’t be the same record. It’s my experiences. I pride myself on being honest in my lyrics.”

Embracing the Glasto vibe, Ke$ha fitted in perfectly.

She insisted: “The one thing I avoid in my life is negative energy, so I really try to lead by example and anyone who’s being hateful, I’ll just give them the finger.

“At the same time, I’m a human being and a sensitive artist, so of course it affects me on a personal level.

“The truth is, with all my flaws and imperfections, I’m hopefully trying to make others celebrate their own flaws and imperfections too.”


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