RedOne Working On New Rihanna’s Music??

The Swedish super producer Nadir “RedOne” KHAYAT, 39, is in Stockholm to write songs to include Rihanna.

– Here I make songs of peace, he says.

Lady Gaga. Michael Jackson. Enrique Iglesias. Jennifer Lopez. Usher. Backstreet Boys. The list of artists who emigrated to the Swedish super-producer RedOne worked with can be made longer. Nöjesbladet got an exclusive interview with him at the studio on Östermalmstorg in Stockholm where he is currently writing new songs for, among others, Rihanna and Kylie Minogue.

– To write an incredibly good song for Rihanna, one must know who she is, what she has to “flow” and register. It should fit exactly. It is not enough to write a song and be happy now. You have to analyze, says RedOne. many Talents equally

He has been in Sweden for some weeks now, and filing of the songs that he hopes will be the global successes. Possibly, he manages to attract both Rihanna and Kylie Minogue.

– Maybe. Or I get to fly somewhere to record. Kylie Minogue might. It depends on his tours, he says.

RedOne have high hopes for Sweden and Swedish music. One of his findings is 23-year-old Mohombi. And although the Love Generation, only reached second chance in the contest, he will continue working with the girl band.

– Of course. And I will give them hits, he says.

– There are so many talents in Sweden who do not get the chance. For me it is a mission in life to spread the Swedish artists in the world, he continues.

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