NEW VIDEO : RihannaNavyIndonesia, We Got Our Guns & We Wants LOUD Tour

Na Na Na Cmon RihannaNavyIndonesia, mari sebar luaskan video ini dan suarakan kepada semua pihak bahwa kita ingin Rihanna datang ke Indonesia untuk LOUD Tour!!!!!

we #RihannaNavyIndonesia got our guns and we want LOUD tour

in 2008 & 2009 Rihanna’s concert cancelled twice may break our bones but LOUD tour excite us!

Rihanna’s LOUD just started a couple days ago and yeah we got our guns in the air! means that we are very ready to LOUD tour and we want it sooooo bad!!!

so if you are Rihanna (please God we pray Rih will read this), Rihanna’s Management, Rihanna’s Label, Indonesian Promotor, Investor, sponsor, please please please make this happen :’)

(and do not hesitate to ask us for any help, we would love to do it)




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