More Youtube VIDEOS & PICS LOUD TOUR Baltimore 5 June 2011!!

“We’re creating an incredible ride with this tour. I’m excited to get out on the road and share my new music from this album. We are going to have an amazing time and I know my fans are ready to get LOUD!” — Rihanna

Skin Performance

S&M Performance


Only Girl

Darling Nicki

Man Down


Hate That I Love You

Raining Men

Let me

Whats My Name

Video Intermezo


Dont Stop The Music


* “Only Girl (In The World)”
* “Disturbia”
* “Shut Up And Drive”
* “Man Down”
* “Darling Nikki” (by Prince)
* “S&M”
* “Let Me”
* “Skin”
* “Raining Men”
* “Hard”
* “Breakin’ Dishes”
* “Glamorous Life” (by Sheila E.)
* “Run This Town”
* “Live Your Life”
* “Unfaithful”
* “Hate That I Love You”
* “California King Bed”
* “What’s My Name”
* “Rude Boy”
* “Cheers”
* “Don’t Stop The Music”
* “Take A Bow”
* “Love The Way You Lie Part II”
* “Umbrella”

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