Victoria’s Secret Calls @Rihanna The ‘Sexiest Songstress’

What’s sexy these days? Emma Stone, Rihanna, Giada de Laurentiis and Malin Akerman — according to Victoria’s Secret, that is. The women have been deemed sexiest actress, songstress, chef and international import, respectively, on the lingerie company’s 2011.

“What Is Sexy?” list after the jump.Sexiest actress: Emma Stone

Sexiest summer style: Beyoncé Knowles

VIDEO: Models read the Sexy List

Sexiest legs: Julianne Hough

Sexiest smile: Dianna Agron

Sexiest eyes: Mila Kunis

Sexiest lips: Amanda Seyfried

Sexiest curves: Sofia Vergara

Sexiest TV cast:Vampire Diaries

Sexiest songstress: Rihanna

Sexiest beach body: Minka Kelly

Sexiest sense of humor: Chelsea Handler

Sexiest chef : Giada De Laurentiis

Sexiest international import: Malin Akerman

Sexiest beach waves: Vanessa Hudgens

Sexiest sun-kissed glow: Jessica Lowndes

Facebook fans’ choice: Sexiest up-and-coming bombshell: Jennifer Lawrence

Facebook fans’ choice: Sexiest tweeter: Ashley Greene


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