Jessie J wants to duet with @Rihanna at V Festival!

Jessie J, like everybody else in the world, wants to duet with Rihanna.

Like the rest of us, she’s probably fed up of singing Whats My Name into her hairbrush while dancing around the room with a photograph of her, and thinks it’s about time for the real deal and that Rihanna should pop over for a sing-song.Us too, J-Bags.

Fortunately for Jessie J she too is a pop-star scoundrel and is actually playing a gig in the same place as Rihanna this summer, so her pleas will probably be taken more seriously than our continuous twitter reuqests and perfume soaked love letters we send her. But we’ll keep trying.

Jessie and Rihanna are both playing V Festival this summer, so Jessie (clearly a girl with her wits about her) has got her requests in early for Rihanna to join her singing Do It Like A Dude on stage.

“I wanna ask her. I really wanna ask her if we can perform it together, either on her tour or at V Festival, or one of the big festivals.

“I definitely think that she’d kill it.”

May we just add our professional opinion here; HELLS YEAH SHE WOULD.

They should totes do a mash up, Do It Like A Rude Boy

Source : sugarrscape

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