“California King Bed” and “Man Down” As Next Singles!! Videos Coming Soon!

Finally Rihanna memilih CKB buat dirilis Internasional. Tapi Rihanna juga memilih Man Down untuk Summer Hits! CKB video sudah selesai digarap sedangkan Man Down akan digarap minggu ini di Jamaica. So excited!!!!!Rihanna just took twitter to confirm herself that “California King Bed” was chosen as 4th international single, however “Man Down” might will be released at this time in North America (and CKB will be released later). Recently Rihanna asked fans which song would like to see as the next single and both were in the lead, even trending on Twitter on the same time.

Now the buzz is even bigger and “CKB” is already trending. Take the poll and decide which song you want next! Rihanna teased that she is planning to fly to Jamaica next week to shoot a video for “Man Down”!

Source : rihannadaily.com

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