Rihanna Nominated For New MTV ‘O’ Awards (Nom: RihannaNavy, FYRihanna, Rihanna&Perry)

Rihanna is among those up nominated for awards at MTV’s newly inaugurated O Music Awards.

MTV announced today the categories and nominees for its new Web-based awards show, a celebration of digital music.

Winners will be decided by fan voting in social media, with the results shown in real-time. The awards will be presented in a live hour-long webcast April 28 on MTV websites and mobile apps.

Rihanna is nominated in the categories (voting starts soon):

Fan Army FTW
Little Monsters
Taylor Gang
Killjoys & MCRmy
Aliens/Tokio Hotel Fans
Katy Kats
Rihanna Navy

Favorite F**k Yeah Tumblr
F**k Yeah Crazy Britney
F**k Yeah Thom Yorke
F**k Yeah Nicki Minaj
F**k Yeah Lady Gaga
F**k Yeah KiD CuDi
F**k Yeah Kanye West
F**k Yeah Beyonce Knowles
F**k Yeah Adam Lambert
F**k Yeah Janelle Monae
F**k Yeah Rihanna

Favorite Animated GIF
Justin Bieber
Lady Gaga
50 Cent, Rebecca Black, and Bert
50 Cent, Bert and Kermit
Katy Perry
Mariah Carey
Rihanna & Katy Perry
Whitney Houston
Nicki Minaj

MTV, which is part of the Viacom-owned MTV Networks, hopes the show will do for digital music what its Video Music Awards, launched in 1984, did for the music video. As a reference to the rapidly shifting online world, even the ‘O’ in the OMAs is being left undefined and open to interpretation by viewers.

‘Some elements of this will be experimental,’ said Dermot McCormack, head of digital media at MTV Music Group. ‘If there is such a thing as a beta award show, this is it. We’re really launching a new franchise here, something that we’re investing in,’ says Shannon Connolly, vice president of digital music strategy for MTV Music Group. The network says success for the O Music Awards won’t be assessed by ratings or view counts, but by its cultural influence. ‘We won’t be judging by how many streams we do on several websites,’ says McCormack. ‘We will be judging it by how much we can affect the conversation around digital music in the lead-up and beyond.’

Source : rihannadaily

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