‘Saturday Night Live’ tune with Rihanna part of The Lonely Island’s new album

If you enjoy a number of the music-related shorts on “Saturday Night Live” so much that you would actually want to buy the songs, you are now getting the opportunity to do so for the second time. The Lonely Island — otherwise known as the band fronted by cast member Andy Samberg — is set to release its new collection “Turtleneck & Chain” on May 10.Some of the songs on this album should be more than familiar to fans by now — from the duet with Rihanna earlier this season (otherwise known as the return of Shy Ronnie) to the collaboration recently with Nicki Minaj. The group already released its first single in “I Just Had Sex” with Akon — which, as with all of these other songs, was a Digital Short earlier this season.

Now,  we all have to sit back and hope that Justin Timberlake shows up at some point to contribute to this. (“D*** in a Box” was featured on the first album, and it is without a doubt the most famous song the group has ever created.

Source : examiner.com

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