Nicki Minaj: @Rihanna’s the “Best Fondler Ever” , She’s The Girl That Everybody Loves

Quickly becoming close friends in the music industry, Nicki Minaj offered up an interesting account of the bond she shares with Rihanna.

First corresponding as she sent over a few lyric ideas for the “Umbrella” singer’s album, Miss Minaj tells,“She didn’t wind up using the things that I sent for that album at that time, but we wound up having a mutual respect for each other.”
Continuing on, the “Pink Friday” hitmaker said, “So I knew eventually something would happen. And so now when she sees me she fondles me and stuff like that.”

Expanding on the fondling topic, Nicki finished by saying, “She fondled me at the MTV Video Music Awards and the American Music Awards. I love her. Right now she’s the girl that everybody loves. I’m so proud to have worked with her. Let’s just say she’s the best fondler ever.”

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